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Are you looking for wonderful and useful songs / games for your kids? We assure that your search Ends Here.

Our contents are special designed for Parents of babies, preschoolers, toddlers and young learners.


【Special Features】

1. Super Downloader for you to download the content from web

2. Create your own video / music album

3. Songs can help children to learn

4. Interactive Games can inspire children to think and interaction

5. Play with children together in order to improve the relationship

Universal App supports iPhone and iPad. Buy once and can use difficult platform


- Kids Song 1

- Kids Song 2

  - Lot of familiar kids’ songs, increase children’s interest

  - “Song” and “Music” switching features, free to transform

- Magic Piano

  - 4 different instruments into 1

  - Give your child a sense of success

  - Sound pleasant, to stimulate the child's hearing and touch

- Awesome Car

  - real drive feeling, with steering wheel, gear lever, the direction of the pole ... and other auto parts

  - Let the children experience the fun of driving

  - 10 kinds of vehicle sound effects, so that children know a variety of vehicle transport


Keep on updating frequency.

Support multi language.


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