GPS Tracker 365 - Locator for Kids, People, Mobile, Pet & Vehicle. Real Time Location Tracking


A cost effective solution for remote tracking your concerned people and vehicle 

Prevent missing persons. Save life 

Make your iPhone transform to a Smart GPS Cloud System, Smart Trip Computer, HUD and Speedometer 


【Remote Tracking Your Concerned People & Vehicle】 

- Lovely children 

- Family elder 

- Family members 

- Couple 

- Outdoors workers 

- Logistics and transportation vehicles team 

- iPhone / iPad / iPod which have the invaluable information 

- Outdoors activity travel records (e.g.: boat trips, cycling, climbing, hiking and other) 


【Support Remote View the Tracking Data】 

- Install "GPS Tracker 365 Manager" for view the remote tracking data 

- "GPS Tracker 365 Manager" Free! 

- Allow guardian remote view the live tracking data 


【Prevent Missing Persons and Vehicle】 

- Log the Speed, Date & Time 

- GPS Location 

- Detail Address 

- Provide Route 

- Integrated with Apple Map (3 display mode) 

- Integrated with Google Map (4 display mode) 


【Provide Emergency Help. Save Life】 

- Instant send an emergency help request to your family / friends / others 

- e.g Make Call, SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Weibo 

- Broadcast your location. Easy locate by others 

- Prevent hijack, Speed up the first aid time 

- Save Life! 


【Smart Car Computer】 

- High-accuracy GPS-based speedometer 

- Real time tracking the route trip data 

- Current Speed and Location Address 

- GPS Compass and Altitude 

- Average and maximum speed, distance, moving and stopped time 

- Auto stop detection (moving or standing) 


【Smart Speedometer】 

- Scalable Speedometer 

- Innovative design 


【Smart HUD】 

- Head up display: an outstanding feature for the Speed Tracking 

- Enable the HUD and put the device under the windshield 

- The HUD interface will display the most accurate speed on the windshield 


【Smart Navigation】 

- Real time showing the current location in map with important information 

- Current speed, location address, route record 

- Integrated with Apple Map (3 display mode) 

- Integrated with Google Map (4 display mode) 

- Not to get lost 


【Trip Log】 

- Easy to view your saved trip record (save on device) 

- Save all moving tracks 

- Show the trip on the map, see the speed, average speed, maximum speed, distance, total time... 


【Mix and Match Color Pattern】 

- The most unique and elegant application 

- Design you own color pattern 

- Make it unique 

- Auto switch portrait mode / landscape mode 


【Ease of Use, Fulfill your need】 

- Concise interface, ease of use 

- Flexible setting (update interval: 1 / 3 / 5 / 10 / 15 / 30 / 60 mins) 

- Provide administrator mode, protect setting 

- Support indoor positioning 

- Support 3G and WiFi network 

- Support Retina display 

- Support iOS 7 or above 

- Universal App. Support iPhone, iPod, iPad 

- Multi-language 


Do not need to hesitate? Download now! 

To discover more advantages! 



- Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life

- Make sure that you have enabled the location service: Settings > Privacy > Location Services = ON


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